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A page for cycling and running gear that we (and our customers) have found to be useful.  Anything that you have found to be really useful for cycling or running or great related gift items!.  These will probably be items on other websites (which is fine).  We want this list to grow and become a useful source of gear to browse.

Zefal Bottle Cage

The Zefal Bottle Cage is just £2.99 and is strong and durable, with the ability to accomodate various bottle sizes securely, down to the springy nature of the plastic used.  Why pay more, when this will do the job?.

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Pedros Tyre Levers

We all use tyre levers, these at £3.99 are made from the strongest plastic available. The chiesl tip makes it easy to insert beneath the bead and the slightly thicker keeps the lever from slipping out.  The tough handle makes it easier to remove the tightest tyres.

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Anti Chafe Chamois Cream

At £9.95 this cream is ideal for cycling and running.  Reduces friction and prevents inflammation, especially useful for those longer training sessions.  

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VeloChampion MultiTool

A well equipped multi-tool from a reputable brand with 15 functions for just £12.95.  Includes chain splitter, 7 allen keys, straight  cross head and torx screwdriver, spoke wrench, and two tyre levers. 

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Zefal Tool Bottle

This is a large capacity waterproof tool holder – which comes in medium and large sizes (£6.99 and £4.64).  Waterproof and fits in standard bottle cage.

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Park Tool Work Stand

This is a quality work stand (£112.49)

  • A stable way to hold nearly any bike for adjustments, cleaning and repair
  • The stand folds for transport and storage and is adjustable in height to always keep Your work at a comfortable level
  • Able to hold up to 80 pounds (36kg)

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Bike Side Stand

Adjustable side kick-stand compatible with most bikes at £10.79.  Especially useful for touring bikes fitted with panniers – makes bike easier to manage and touring bikes easier to unload / load luggage.  Easy to install, weight 322 grams.

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Tyre Pressure Guage

At £10.44, not just bike related – this tyre guage with flexible connector is easy to connect to your tyre and read off the pressure comfortably.  No more struggling to see the guage.   From 5 to 100 psi.

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