Kochab 1000


Kochab 1000


Good For:  Road riding and Cycle Commuting – urban and country

The Kochab 1000 is a well-made, straightforward and functional bicycle light that is easy to use and get on with.  With 1000 lumens there is always enough power for every type of night-time road riding and there is also a very effective ‘always-on’ daytime running light.  Good run-times with a sturdy aluminium case and secure mount, usb rechargeable, easy to operate.

The Kochab features

  • Well made, easy to use and functional
  • Powerful enough (1000 lumens) for all types of road riding and commuting
  • Daytime running modes – ‘always on’ and flashing modes (x2)
  • 1000 lumens for 1.8 hours will illuminate over 100 feet ahead
  • 500 lumens for over four hours
  • Sturdy and lightweight at 147g
  • Internal micro-usb rechargeable battery
  • Secure Garmin type mount, easy to remove and replace light
  • Battery level indicator (colour coded)
  • IPX6 level waterproofed – will stand up to the UK winter
  • A great value light, powerful light levels, excellent functionality, sturdy and simple to use


Kochab 1000 lumen front light

Product Features

A well made, straightforward and functional bike light that is easy to use and get on with and just does the job it is intended for, superbly.

At 1000 lumens there is always enough power for every type of night-time road riding and there is also a very effective ‘always-on’ daytime running light.

The Kochab has excellent 1000 lumen full power performance, it is simple to fit and use and can cycle through the light levels without switching on the flash mode or switching the light off completely.

The Kochab is a sturdy light made from aluminium.  It is IPX6 waterproof – it will stand up to the UK winter weather – and at 147g, is lightweight and will hardly be noticed when mounted on your bike.

Six modes are available:

  • High (1000 lumens) 1.8 hours run-time
  • Medium (500 lumens) 4 hours run-time
  • Low (250 lumens) 12.5 hours run-time
  • Daylight running 28.5 hours run-time
  • Quick flash 3 hours run-time
  • Slow flash 7.2 hours run-time

Charging is carried out via a micro-usb port, which is weather proofed and located underneath the light body

Attaching the light to your handlebars is really simple.  You hook one end of the mount strap (the light is supplied with two straps, one for normal bars and one for aero bars) into the mount body, wrap the strap around your bar, then the other end has a small nut that the mount’s hex bolt screws into to tighten the strap.  A hex key is supplied to do this job.

The light body connects really securely into the mount, with a twisting motion.  The mount supplied with the Kochab is unusually a ‘Garmin’ compatible mount – which might be useful for those wanting to mount the light onto other brackets.  Garmin type mounts offer a very secure fit.

1000 lumen bike light easy to mount

This light and mount is a far way from being basic but manages to be functional and simple to use.

An important feature of this lights capability is its daylight running function and the Kochab actually has two sources of illumination – the main beam (a single LED) and an additional bar-shaped light above it purely for daytime (multiple small LEDs).  This works well and comes on in addition to the main beam in all light modes, or simply by itself in daytime running mode.  For extra daytime visibility, you may want to use one of the two flashing modes – which can only be accessed by giving the on/off/mode button a double-tap.  A hugely important feature of the Kochab, which is often not present on lesser lights, is the fact that you can cycle through normal light modes without switching on flash or switching the light off.

The light surrounding the power button also acts as a battery level indicator changing from green (30%-100% charge) to red (10% – 30% charge) to flashing red (0 – 10% charge).

1000 lumen bike light

In terms of power, the full 1000 lumens that the Kochab can offer will be more than enough for the darkest country lane – lighting up the road to well over 100 feet ahead.  This is superb performance for fast road riding.  At 500 lumens the Kochab is still extremely impressive offering high safety levels and around four hours of runtime.  A perfect light for commuting in busy environments and equally on the darkest lanes or tracks.

The daytime running mode used in addition to the flashing mode is perfect for making the rider highly visible in daytime riding.

The Kochab has a beam pattern with a concentrated but wide circular beam with light levels gradually falling off towards the outside edges.  The front light lenses are shaped to give some visibility of the light to traffic at 90 degrees.

The Kochab 1000 is a great value light offering powerful light levels and excellent functionality at an affordable price, as well as being sturdy and simple to use.


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