Ferei HL70 Bikelight / Headlight


Ferei HL70 Bikelight / Headlight


Good For: Cycling / Running / Orienteering (includes cycle mount)

The HL70 is one of the Ferei professional range of headlamps

The Ferei HL70 features:

  • – Up to 1500 lumens with 9 programmable light levels
  • – The Ferei lightweight cycle mount is included – Garmin and GoPro compatible
  • – Can be converted to a lightweight and powerful headlight (headstrap included)
  • – Lightweight and waterproof
  • – Uses one lithium rechargeable battery which can be replaced in seconds
  • – Multiple light configurations – battery on front or rear of headstrap
  • – Multiple battery configurations available of 1, 2 or 4 cells (1 cell included with the light)
  • – The battery container can be removed from headband
  • – Ultra low light level and duration setting
  • – Diffused light output


The Ferei HL70 is one of the Ferei professional range of lights – lightweight, powerful and waterproof and manufactured to Ferei’s high standards.   The HL70 is a powerful lightweight cycle light designed to be mounted centrally beneath the handlebars using the Ferie HQ32 mounting system which is included in this package.  The light plus battery and mount weighs just 136 grams and is ideal where weight and efficiency are important.

The Ferei HL70 can also be converted to a lightweight and powerful headlight which is ideal for a range of outdoor activities – running, Orienteering, climbing, hiking, camping and more.  Everything needed to convert to a headlight is available in this package.

Lightweight does not mean low power – light output is up to 1500 lumens and each of the 3 selectable levels can be set to one of 9 programmable outputs.  Using this light for cycling or running, you will usually find middle light settings comfortable.

The complete unit in headlight configuration weighs only 208 grams with one battery fitted on the headstrap (included).  An optional extension cable for use between the battery case and light unit is available.

The single (18650 type) battery can be replaced in seconds (available on the ‘spares’ section of this website).

A 2 cell battery case and a 4 cell battery pack and extension cable are available (see ‘spares’ section) – giving an increased duration of > 2 hours on maximum for 2 cells and > 3 hours for 4 cells – much longer on lower output levels.

An emergency mode is available where lower light levels are required (e.g. map reading or inside a tent) and gives over 200 hours use on a single battery charge.

The Ferei HL70 is a powerful cycle light with the ability to be configured as a lightweight headlight which is ideal for running and Orienteering.

A Battery Box is available – designed to hold two lithium-ion 18650 batteries.  Ideal when used with a Ferei extension cable.

The centrally mounted handlebar bracket supports a standard Garmin mount on the top allowing a Garmin or compatible bike computer / GPS to be mounted

Lightweight cycle mount









lightweight powerful cycle light









Lightweight powerful cycle light











As a Headlight multiple battery configurations are possible













powerful 1500 lumen headlight













powerful headlight light for running orienteering














The battery box and extra 18650 cells are available in the ‘Spares’ section.








3400Mah Li-ion 18650 cells – available in the ‘Spares’ section.








Extended runtime 4 cell battery pack for HL70 – available in the ‘Spares’ section.









Powerful headlight for Orienteering and running











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