Ferei HL65 Headlight


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Ferei HL65 Headlight

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Good For: Orienteering / Running / Hiking and a range of outdoor activities.

The HL65 is one of the Ferei professional range of headlamps.

The Ferei HL65 features:

  • – Up to 1500 lumens with 9 programmable light levels
  • – Lightweight and completely waterproof
  • – Uses one lithium rechargeable battery which can be replaced in seconds
  • – Multiple battery configurations available of 1, 2 or 4 cells (1 cell included with the light)
  • – The battery container can be removed from headband
  • – Ultra low light level available (useful for map reading)
  • – Diffused light output

Out of stock


The Ferei HL65 is one of the Ferei professional range of headlamps – lightweight, powerful and completely waterproof – manufactured to Ferei’s high standards.   This headlight is a powerful headlight ideal for running and Orienteering and for a range of outdoor activities – Orienteering, trail running, climbing, hiking, camping and more.

Lightweight does not mean low power – light output is up to 1500 lumens and each of the 3 selectable levels can be set to one of 9 programmable outputs.  Using this light for running, you will usually find middle light settings comfortable.

The complete unit weighs only 198 grams with one battery fitted on the headstrap (included).  With the battery case removed and stored in a bag, belt or pocket, the head unit weighs just 119 grams.  An optional extension cable for use between the battery case and light unit is available.

The single (18650 type) battery can be replaced in seconds (available on the ‘spares’ section of this website).

A 2 cell battery case and a 4 cell battery pack and extension cable are available (see ‘spares’ section) – giving an increased duration of > 2 hours on maximum for 2 cells and > 3 hours for 4 cells – much longer on lower output levels.

An emergency mode is available where lower light levels are required (e.g. map reading or inside a tent) and gives over 200 hours use on a single battery charge.

The HL65 is water proof to IPX8 standard – meaning that the unit can be confidently used in the wettest of weather.

The Ferei HL65 is a powerful headlight ideal for running and Orienteering.

Powerful headlight ideal for running and Orienteering

Powerful headlight ideal for running and Orienteering

Powerful headlight ideal for running and Orienteering

Powerful headlight ideal for running and Orienteering


A Battery box is available – designed to hold two lithium-ion 18650 batteries.  Ideal when used with a Ferei extension cable.

The battery box and extra 18650 cells are available in the ‘Spares’ section.








3400Mah Li-ion 18650 cells – available in the ‘Spares’ section.








Extended runtime 4 cell battery pack for HL65 – available in the ‘Spares’ section.

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7 reviews for Ferei HL65 Headlight

  1. foursheds

    I used this headlight in a night orienteering event on horseback (Le Trec) and I must say that it worked really well. The headband was flexible enough to fit over my riding helmet and the light was very flexible in the light levels it can output. My horse was not at all concerned by the headlight – brilliant light and great service from Trevor at Brightbikelights.

  2. Elizabeth Kenyon (verified owner)

    Myself and hubby did the Illuminator 15k night trail race in Aboyne, Deeside last night. Our daughter did the 8k. We were all super pleased with our torches, they are so very comfortable to wear. The band which goes over the top of the head means we didn’t have any trouble with it slipping down over our eyes, or have to have it so tight it caused a head ache which lots of other people had! The light was perfect for the trails and the beam wide enough to light the whole track and spot any obstacles. The battery lasted for 1hr 40 no problem so we didn’t actually need the extra ones which arrived yesterday morning thanks. Great to have the option to use full power for longer and a spare though.
    Thank you for the efficient service again.

    Kind regards
    Elizabeth Kenyon

  3. Faith

    As a member of the Scotland Junior Orienteering Squad, I find this head torch wonderful for night Orienteering and other nighttime activities. I use it every week in the winter for training and it helps so much. The 3 main brightness settings are really good and I use all of them. The brightness levels are very handy and just the right change between each. Also you can easily switch between them, which is very handy when I’m out running.
    I have used it on my bike also, and is just as impressive. Lighting up the world around me.
    It is very comfortable to wear and the band across the top keeps it in place, I also like the fact that you can angle the torch up and down as this is very helpful when I’m out running. I would definitely recommend this head torch because it’s easy to use and very bright.

  4. Duncan

    I used this light to run the Dusk till Dawn Fell race Marathon overnight in the Peak District in late October. I used a single cell battery, with a spare and was super surprised at how well it performed. After a trial run near home I realised that the medium setting was more than enough light to pick out detail in the trails to stay safe and this should give me over 4 hours of use on one cell. The route is a challenging hilly and muddy off road Marathon so it’s important to pick out the details in the trail and also be able to see far enough ahead to navigate effectively – being able to use full beam once in a while was a useful option to have in reserve to see far enough ahead to navigate. I got just under 5 hours of use before the first battery needed changing (using a mixture of mostly medium setting, occasional full and occasional low for map reading to prevent glare) and then was confident that I could see the second battery on full for the final 6 miles in treacherous conditions ascending and defending Mam Tor.
    Throughout the event, the light performed really well and was hardly noticeable when worn – (I normally use a lightweight head torch for my usual local short runs, and this didn’t feel any different). My run partner used a Petzl running head torch and this was far brighter on it’s medium setting.
    I would definitely recommend this head torch over more expensive brands.

  5. Robert Campbell (verified owner)

    After years of prevarication I decided to put some Christmas cash to good use and get the Ferei HL65. Rang Trevor just before Christmas (he was out on his bike) for some advice which was most helpful. Ordered the light on 23 Dec & it arrived on 28th! Amazing service from BBL. Have started using the light – brilliant on Medium for trail running and even too bright for just that on High. Will be brilliant once orienteering resumes. Can’t wait. Recommended product & company. ???

  6. Simon Chambers (verified owner)

    I have had a number of head torches from Alpkit which I have liked but never been overly impressed with. I use one every weekday from November to February walking the dog early in the morning before the sun gets up and about. I found I was chewing through the AA or AAA batteries which was a pain even though they are rechargeable. So I was in the market for something with a bit more oomph and with a burn time much in excess of what I was currently using. Enter the Ferei HL65 which has really hit the mark for me. Firstly the lens is a diffuser type which means that you don’t get a really bright spot with a lot of shadow around it. This was important for me along with the impressive level of waterproofing which living in the West Country gets an all too regular test. The 18650 battery is still going strong at the end of the week having been run on the medium setting for the best part of an hour for five days a week.

    I ordered the twin battery pack thinking this could replace the head mounted cell container. Trevor contacted me to let me know that I needed the extension cable to make the pack work and sold me the cable at half price – great customer service.

    You need to assemble the strap and components but that is not too difficult if you use the pictures. Like many products of Chinese origin the instructions require a certain level of creative interpretation since the English translation leaves some gaps. Trevor has a query in with the manufacturer on my behalf to ask about the details of programming custom brightness levels for the low, medium and high settings – which is one area not helped by the translation.

    Not the cheapest but performance is superb and I think you’d be hard pressed to find more performance for your money. With the help of a couple of cable ties I have even used it as a makeshift mountain bike light for some night time off-road riding with my son.

    I highly recommend this light and brightbikelights.com.

  7. PaulC (verified owner)

    This is a great headtorch, and has become my new favourite for winter night running. That it’s so easy to change the brightness level as required, hence preserving battery life, is a real plus point. I’m looking forward to orienteering with it in the New Year.

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