Ferei HL50 Diffuser


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Ferei HL50 Diffuser


A diffuser unit for the dual-beam Ferei HL50 Headlight:


  • Designed for the Ferei HL50 and clips to the metal housing of the light unit
  • Once installed the hinged diffuser can be left in place and opened or closed as required
  • When closed the light beams are softened and spread resulting in a wider area of even light spread
  • Excellent for lighting up larger areas or reducing glare
  • Adds to the flexibility of the Ferei HL50 Headlight
  • Also available as part of the HL50 Expansion Pack

Out of stock



This diffuser unit is specifically produced for the Ferei HL50 dual-beam headlight.

It can be fitted in seconds and clips securely to the metal housing of the HL50 headlight.

 The diffuser has a hinge which allows it to be in an open or closed position. When closed the diffuser changes the light output from a focused beam to a soft spread of light, illuminating a larger area without any focus points.

The diffuser can be clipped onto the HL50 headlight and once in place will stay secure.  It can then be opened and closed, as required.

This diffuser is simple yet greatly expands the comfortable use of this powerful light.  The even and smooth light spread is especially useful if the light is to be used in smaller spaces or for lighting up closer areas.


Also available in the HL50 complete expansion pack


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