BrightBikeLights began in 2009 .  As a frequent rider in a group mountain bikers  based on the edge of the Peak District, it became apparent that good lights were needed as winter approached.

At the time, the best lights available were halogen lights with huge and heavy battery packs.  Something newfangled called ‘LED’ was just starting to appear (at extortionate costs!).   As members of our biking group started getting hold of LED lights, it became apparent that they outperformed in every way – brightness and portability being the biggest bonuses.

The idea came, to source, test and import reliable and quality lights as there was clearly a gap in the market.   It also became apparent very early on that LED lights were ideally suited to use for running and more specifically for Night Orienteering.

Both Mountain Bikers and Orienteers were suddenly finding that by using LED lights with compact lithium battery packs, they could enjoy their sport all year around, including the darker winter months.  Actually, effective lights put a new perspective on both biking and running in the dark making the dark nights in some cases more enjoyable than the same routes carried out in daylight!.

The principle at BrightBikeLights is  to source quality and reliable lights at a reasonable price and make sure they are effective and suited for purpose.  This being  achieved by trying them out, usually on dark nights in the Peak District.

Orienteering clubs throughout the UK use headlights supplied by BrightBikeLights as do many members of the UK Orienteering team.

Trevor – founder of BrightBikeLights

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